There is No Greater Challenge and No Greater Reward Than Hosting the Presence of God Almighty

I know you might think, “challenge?” But honestly I’ve realized it can be challenge to make God first in my life. It can be a challenge to stay connected to God. It’s a difference maker. It actually matters. To remain in His shadow, to let every relationship and every detail flow through His guidance and His light- it makes a big difference. I got a taste of what it’s like when I do press in and connect with His heart. Here’s the story:
We were driving to Richardson and my daughter had the front seat. That’s her new thing. She takes the front seat and her dad or I depending on whose driving will take the back seat with her brother. So yesterday I was driving and she was controlling the radio. Her dad noticed that she knew the words and was singing along to a song that was inappropriate. You see, little by little I had allowed her to compromise our family standards and her dad noticed it. I asked him to make “the call”. I needed his help. To set back the standard for us. And he did. My 10 year old was singing a song about sex and alcohol (I know, not very Christian of me 🤦🏻‍♀️) and it just wasn’t ok with him. It shouldn’t have been ok with me. But little by little I allowed her to make choices for herself and little by little I believe we began to quench the Spirit of God in those moments. So Gigi turned the radio off and said, “ok, then let’s just talk.” We spent the next 30 minutes asking each other questions. Getting involved in each others lives. Learning about one another. The atmosphere in the car was God’s presence. Little by little we can compromise our standards but little by little we can get them back! Little by little we can help one another when we see and hear things that don’t line up with hosting the presence of God.

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