Dealing With Disappointment So We Don’t Live In Disappointment

When we are face to face with disappointment we are vulnerable to truth, love and comfort.  “Consider it pure joy…”


God understands disappointment.

God understands pain.

God waits for us with truth, perspective and comfort.


God is Love and when Love experienced pain and disappointment He made a way for us to find Him and live beyond emotional responses.

In every disappointment under the sun, God has an equal or greater portion of Love and perspective to give.

The key is….Him.  We are blind to truth and separated from comfort without Jesus.  He is truth.  He is comfort. He is love.  So seek Him and find your way out of the pit of disappointment.

Disappointment holds hands with expectations.  Let God have your expectations and listen to what He has to say about them, then….

Let people have your love.

So here are the keys that open the door past disappointment:

  1.  Know who you are and Whose you are. You are set apart. Most of my life God has been setting me apart. Those times when I didn’t fit in or belong, now I see that those times were intentional. Fitting in and belonging to the things and the people of this world can be a quick sand swallowing up our true identity.
  2. Look beyond the disappointment, to the heart.
  3. Allow God to speak truth and set you free from disappointment.

Be still.

Be planted.

Be fruitful.





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