“Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.” Why?

I recently clung to an agreement with this verse in a way that began to separate my thoughts and realign my vision with the holy nature and purposes of God.

He has called many, but few are chosen.  Matthew 22:14

To be called means to be invited.

To be chosen means to be picked out or selected.

“Many are called but few are chosen.”….this sent me on a dialogue with The Father on a search for wisdom and discernment.  Here is a snap shot of my quest….

Why are some chosen and some not, from the ones who are called?

What is the variable between the two?  If you read on in the scripture the one who was called but not chosen, was turned away because he came to the wedding banquet not wearing his wedding garment.

I believe Jesus IS our garment.

“I will rejoice greatly in the LORD, My soul will exult in my God; For He has clothed me with garments of salvation…” Isaiah 61:10

I have noticed in my Spirit recently a distinct variance in some Christians verses others. (Bare with me.) Maybe it’s our garments…?  When a child has been picked up from the possible abandoned foster house in rags, one of the first things a good parent will do is bring them new clean clothes.  When God picks us up He gives us new clothes.  Will we wear them?  Will we lean on our new found love and acceptance, live in our new home and wear our new garments? Or will we turn back to the dirty rags?  Much like the prodigal son….

What we know best isn’t always the best for us.  Can we believe that we belong?  Can we believe that we deserve….the Good things?

The Father’s desire is for us to receive based on what He has done for us as a gift.  It is ok to receive.  It is good to receive.  It is expected out of love for the Father and for His delight, that we receive with open arms and turn to Him as his adopted child; co-heir with Jesus.  He called us.  He invited us to live with Him.  He picked us up.  He did.  The real turning point for us is if we will allow ourselves to BE chosen.

Some have chosen this new home, wearing the new garments while others are still wondering around as though they can’t fully commit or see the things of God as authentic and worth that risky step; maybe out of fear of rejection or abandonment we believe we must do all things on our own, be our own savour, trusting only in ourselves; which in turn leaves us entangled in the things of this world. Only then to be swept back into the walls of the abandoned foster care. Wondering where we went wrong and where God is…..

Oh, how we have all been there.  We have all experienced the entanglement of the enemy of this world, with the deceit and underhanded blackmale that takes place beyond our earthy comprehension.  We can make an agreement with the enemy and not even realize it.  We can sign on the dotted line in a rush with a promise of something false. The enemy can and will use that agreement to entangle us (from purpose and beauty in our lives) for years and years, possibly even into eternity.

That’s the thing with the enemy, he doesn’t care that we don’t understand the rules.  He takes clear and present advantage anywhere he can.  It’s like sitting down at a poker table at the age of 5 with your Father’s millions, across the table from the world’s scariest, meanest, best poker player on Earth and he is intent on leaving with all of your money, your home and he won’t stop until he leaves with your life.  There is no mercy.  There is no grace.  There is only devastation, greed and destruction in his eyes.  We must be aware of his game.  It isn’t our focus but it should be part of our watch.

However, in the moment when we realize we’ve stepped in over our heads, a simple turning around and calling out to God trumps the table.  He comes always.  He is victorious always.  He acts on our behalf always.  He pays our debt in full.  And then……then….what do we do with that new found freedom.  Hopefully we begin to prepare (get dressed) for The Banquet of which we’ve been called.

Where ever we find ourselves, none of us have arrived yet.  There is still time to make the call and receive the call, get dressed and be ready when the bridegroom comes to open the door.  You do realize you are the bride.  You are the one HE is coming back for.  He has prepared a place for you.  He has prepared a wedding banquet in your honor in the presence of your enemies.

God is very gracious, slow to anger and compassionate but in the end if we arrive at the banquet, knocking on the door, slouched over in our rags, without being fully dressed in our wedding banquet attire, He will know (as if He doesn’t already) that we did not take the call seriously…that we did not realize our need for Help.  There is nothing heroic about trying to win victory on our own.  That is a foolish fable taught on this Earth by the one who knows he will never win against our true and present Helper. (If you are reading this and wondering if you have answered the call, chances are you have or you wouldn’t have read down this far.  Just ask Him.  He will let you know if you have received your salvation in Christ and then He will show you The Way.)

Have you ever received a phone call while you were on a call with someone else?  There is a choice at that moment…do we quickly hang up with the one caller and answer the call from the other line?  Or do we ignore the call all together?

There is a call being made on this earth.  And your name is on the list.  Will you answer the call?  Are we too busy to pick up the phone, or will we look and see the name on the screen and answer with jubilee the call from The King.  

Be the chosen one.  All you have to do is answer His call.  He will take over and lead you to your dressing room, the rest of the way to the banquet, fully dressed in splendor and majesty, for an eternal wedding, celebration and home prepared just for you, His bride.


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